Automated Meter Reading (AMR) / Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Project

For complete information on the AMR/AMI Project, click here. Advanced Utility Services, LLC (AUS) is now scheduling meter change out appointments. If you have been contacted by AUS, please contact the AUS Call Center at 1-888-815-8516 to schedule an appointment.

8.2.19 Letter to Customers

9.16.19 Letter to Customers

9.18.19 Press Release for AMR/AMI Project

Miami County Sanitary Engineering will be implementing a smart metering system to replace the standard water/sewer meters in our utility service area. This project will provide: 

  • Enhanced Customer Service and Information
  • Early Leak Detection
  • Reduced Operating Costs

The Board of Miami County Commissioners has awarded the AMR/AMI Project Phase 1 to Everett J. Prescott, Inc. of West Carrollton, Ohio to upgrade and install a smart metering system. The metering infrastructure upgrades will enhance customer service, provide a tool for leak detection, increase revenue and reduce operating costs. The AMR/AMI  Project Phase 1 will begin during the summer of 2019. 

This project will help in reducing costs of manual metering reading, help diagnose water leaks and collect data directly with a radio base system therefore helping to identify issues of revenue loss through leaks and faulty meters. Alarms for high usage can be set to help in identifying issues quickly so that Miami County Sanitary Engineering (MCSE) customer service can respond sooner. 

The Board of Miami County Commissioners, the Miami County Sanitary  Engineering Department and Everett J. Prescott, Inc. are glad to partner with  Advanced Utility Services, LLC for the implementation of the AMR/AMI Project Phase 1. Advanced Utility Services, LLC will be responsible for contacting residents and installing the new meters. MCSE continues to move forward in modernizing infrastructure and promote sustainability to our customers.