What is a Petit Jury?

If you are selected as a Petit Juror, you will hear a case which is criminal or civil.  A criminal trial will involve a felony (a more serious type of crime.)   The law requires twelve (12) jurors to be seated in a criminal case, only eight (8) jurors are required in a civil case.  In a criminal trial, the jury must find a litigant guilty or not guilty by unanimous vote.  In civil cases, the law requires a vote of a least three-fourths of the jury to reach a verdict.  Most jury trials will seat one to two “alternate-jurors” in the event, sickness or unforeseen circumstances arise in which one of the regular jurors are unable to hear the entire trial.  The alternate-juror hears the trial, in its’ entirely, but does not participate in jury deliberations unless the alternate replaces one of the original jurors.  A petit jury trial typically lasts one to three days, but could be longer depending on the type of case.  

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