TEMPORARY JUDGMENT ENTRY TO COVID-19Order in Response to the Covid-19 Public Health Crisis

Temporary Order in Response to the COVID-19 Filed May 4, 2020

Spring break under Miami County Juvenile Court Model Parenting Time Schedule is defined using the dates established by the School District your child is attending at the beginning of the school year.  Spring break does not include "extended Spring break" dates as Ordered by Governor DeWine.  Please be aware that your individual Shared Parenting Plan or Court Order may have modified the language in the Miami County Juvenile Court Model Parenting Time Schedule and in those cases the Court Order/Shared Parenting Plan must be followed.  In these new and uncertain times the court always encourages parents to work together and help each other and their children stay safe and healthy.  Parents are always free and encouraged to reach an agreement with each other to address the needs of your child.

This section is designed to provide general, legal, and procedural information to the public and the attorneys who practice before the court. The intent is to make the environment of the court more accessible to the citizens we serve. We hope that you find it useful and that your experience with the Miami County Juvenile Court exceeds your expectations.

Juvenile Programs

Juvenile Court administers a variety of programs to serve court involved youth including the Miami County Juvenile Probation Department, West Central Juvenile Detention Center, and the West Central Juvenile Rehabilitation Center.


Referrals reach the court through various channels, including parents, school officials, law enforcement authorities, neighbors, Children Services representatives, and the Prosecutor’s Office.

Legal Advice

Ohio Revised Code 4705.01 prohibits the Juvenile Court from giving legal advice or from helping you prepare legal papers in a new or pending case in this or any court.

Mission Statement

To provide timely and fair justice, and quality services to Miami County. We are committed to providing for the care, protection, and mental and physical development of children, to protect the public interest and safety, and to hold offenders accountable for their actions, restore the victims, as well as rehabilitating the offenders.

Administrative Staff

Rebecca Hall, Magistrate
Katherine Kemp Severt, Magistrate
J. Andrew Wannemacher, Magistrate/Court Administrator
Hannah Parshall, Judicial Assistant/Fiscal Officer
Nicole Rodriguez, Chief Deputy Clerk
Scott Auxier, Chief Probation Officer