Guardianship Education

In 2015 the Ohio Supreme Court began requiring guardians take an educational class concerning guardianships. The purpose was to bring about positive change to all guardianships across the state. At that time, Miami County exempted guardians that were related to the ward and not taking a fee. Now, Miami County Probate Court has decided that it would be beneficial if all guardians take the training regardless of their relationship to the ward.

Therefore, all guardians are now required to comply with the educational training requirements set forth by the Ohio Supreme Court in Rule 66.06 & 66.07 of the Rules of Superintendence.

Rule 66.06 and 66.07 require two types of training. First is the fundamental six hour guardianship class, and the second is an annual three hour class. Both requirements can be met by doing the class online or attending in person. These classes are free of charge.

The six hour course is an initial education requirement and only needs to be completed once. Once the six hour course has been completed the three hour course will need to be completed each following year.

Listed below are links to the Ohio Supreme Court site with resources on Adult Guardianship Education

Once you have completed a course you will receive a certificate. Please provide a copy of this certificate to the Miami County Probate court as proof of completion of the educational requirements. You can bring the certificate in person to the Probate Courts Clerk Office, Mail it to the Court or email it to

Other Required Filings

There are some other required filings for guardianship on a reoccurring basis. These other requirements are listed below. Please note that all dates are based on the date the document was previously filed. For example if a Guardian’s Report was filed January 1, 2018 the next report would be due January 1, 2020.

What to File

When to File

Needed Documents

Annual Plans

Every Year

27.7 Annual Guardianship Plan – Person

27.8 Annual Guardianship Plan - Estate

Guardianship Report (must be filed with Statement of Expert Evaluation)

Every Two Years

17.7 Guardian’s Report

17.1 Statement of Expert Evaluation

Guardian’s Account (needed if Guardian of the Estate)

Every Two Years

15.8 Guardian’s Account