Probate Court is a division of the Court of Common Pleas and has jurisdiction over estates, guardianships, name changes, adoptions, civil commitments and marriage licenses. We are committed to providing a fair and impartial administration of justice, as well as prompt, courteous and efficient service to the public.


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Attorney Representation

Legal practice in the Miami County Probate Court is restricted by law to attorneys who are licensed by the Supreme Court of Ohio. If an individual wishes to handle his or her own case, that person may do so, however, such person may not represent others. Due to the complexity of the law and the desire to avoid costly errors, most individuals who have matters before the Court are represented by an attorney.

Administrative Staff

Andrew Venters, Magistrate
Katherine Kemp Severt, Chief Magistrate
Hillary Jaqua, Magistrate
Hannah Parshall,  Chief Deputy Clerk/Fiscal Director
Carl Stang, Deputy Clerk
Lisa Dotson, Deputy Clerk
Melissa Smith, Deputy Clerk
Sara Gregg, Deputy Clerk