Wedding Services

Marriage License

Thank you for choosing the Miami County Municipal Court to officiate your civil marriage ceremony. Please note that the Court will only provide wedding services for Miami County residents. Please secure the marriage license prior to scheduling your appointment. For additional information in obtaining a marriage license in Miami County, Ohio, please contact the Miami County Probate Court at (937) 440-6050 or  visit their website.

Civil Marriage Ceremony

The following information is designed to assist you in preparing for your upcoming ceremony.

If interested, you must complete the Wedding Fact Sheet (DOC) and submit it to the court via e-mail, fax or postal service. Your submitted fact sheet does not guarantee a marriage service. The court reserves the right to decline your request. If any party does not speak the English Language, you MUST retain an Ohio Supreme Court certified interpreter, and that interpreter MUST accompany those individuals during the wedding service. The retained and certified Interpreter MUST provide the Court with written verification of the certification prior to the ceremony. Please note, the Municipal Court will NOT provide or pay for any interpreter service. Once your request has been approved, you must schedule the wedding date and time by following these instructions;

Scheduling the Appointment

  • Wedding ceremonies are scheduled by appointment only. Please contact our Court Administrative Assistant at (937) 440-3937 to schedule your Civil Wedding Ceremony. (All appointments MUST be scheduled by telephone. No appointments will be scheduled in person).
  • Wedding ceremonies are held on Friday afternoons at 2:00 PM with No Exceptions. The Court operates on a very stringent schedule therefore, the Court cannot deviate from this date and time. If the Court's availability does not conform to your plans, then we suggest you refer to the Miami County Probate Court's website for additional information as to other individuals who have the power to perform marriage ceremonies.
  • You MUST notify the Court at least 48 hours prior to any cancellation.

Day of Appointment

  • Check-in at the Clerk's Office located on the 3rd floor of the Miami County Municipal Court fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Witnesses of your choice are not required however, if not available, the Court will witness the ceremony and sign the marriage license. There must be two (2) witnesses to execute signatures on a marriage certificate.
  • There is a filing fee of $5.00 to process the marriage license, payable to the Miami County Municipal Court