Latest News

Debt Collection
The Miami County Municipal Court is currently working with the Ohio Attorney General's Office with regard to Delinquent Debt Collection. The Court's intent is to certify offender debt and forward that debt to the Attorney General's Office through an agreement.

Credit / Debit Card
The Miami County Municipal Court is pleased to announce that we now accept Credit / Debit Card payments for Restitution, Probation, GPS and SCRAM fees, in addition to Fines, Court Costs and Small Claim payments. Although we are not yet able to accept "On-Line Payments", you can print a form authorizing a credit Card payment and fax it into the Court to satisfy a payment by credit card. When an interface with the Court's Case Management software and the Credit Card Service Provider is complete, on-line payments will then be possible.

Public Access
The Miami County Municipal is in the process of upgrading the Public Access software that will include the ability for the Common Pleas Court to provide this service for the first time.

Specialized Docket Certification
The Miami County Municipal Drug Court Program has been awarded the Ohio Supreme Court's Specialized Docket Certification. The Adult Drug Court operates as a specialized docket within the court system. Individuals are offered the opportunity to apply for the program if their crimes are the result of actions related to their drug use.

NEW Electronic Tickets - Court Rule 16.4
The Court now permits the use of a traffic ticket that is produced by computer or other electronic means, provided that the ticket conforms to in all substantive respects, including layout and content, to the “Ohio Uniform Traffic Ticket.” (see Court Rules for additional information).

Probation Officer Certification
The Municipal Court Probation Officers now require an Ohio Supreme Court certification. This certification ensures a state wide evidence based practice in changing offender behavior. Officers are further required to be certified in the Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS) in order to provide the evidence based practices to the correct population of offenders.