The Miami County Water and Wastewater Division was established in the early 1970’s when the County assumed ownership and operational responsibilities of the water and wastewater systems located in Shenandoah, Creekwood, Brokenwoods, Meadowview and Woodlawn subdivisions. In 1972, the County took over the Dettmer Hospital water supply system and wastewater treatment plant. Today the Miami County Sanitary Engineer operates and maintains the water and wastewater systems in Bethel, Concord, Monroe and Springcreek Townships along with Upper Valley Medical Center. And this division also maintains the wastewater systems in the villages of Fletcher and Casstown. Currently, Miami County serves 2,430 customers with water and sewer.

The Water and Wastewater Division works closely with surrounding government and private purveyors of water and sewer. The County continues to study ways to improve and develop their systems to help with development, upgrades and better service to its customers and potential customers.

The Water and Wastewater Division currently employees a Superintendent, a customer service technician and four system technicians. The employees are licensed with the Ohio EPA in either Water or Wastewater or both. They are required to undergo continuous training to maintain their licenses and the ever changing technology of the water and sewer business.

Miami County Sanitary Engineering (MCSE) is responsible for maintaining over 55 miles of sewer lines, 15 pump stations while also maintaining 37 miles of water lines, a pressure station and two water towers throughout the County. The crew does daily preventive maintenance, EPA testing, meter setting and reading, sewer cleaning, manhole maintenance, site inspection, Infiltration and Inflow studies and customer services. The Water and Wastewater Division is manned 24 hours a day 365 days a year for routine and emergency situations.

The MCSE Water and Wastewater Division is located at 2200 North County Road 25 A, Troy, Ohio and can be reached by phone at 937-440-5653. Our daily work hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday. In case of an emergency after hours, please call 937-875-0466. If no answer please call Miami County 911 at 937-440-9911. Please be prepared to provide the nature of the problem, the location, and your name and number where you can be reached.