Mitigation & EOP

Miami County Mitigation Plan

Miami County EMA is pleased to announce that the Hazard Mitigation Plan was approved by Ohio EMA to meet all FEMA requirements on 7/7/2023. This plan remains in effect for the next five years.

Thank you to all stakeholders that participated in the development of this plan, including our partners at Burton Planning Services.

2023 Miami County Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Mitigation Plan is a strategic document used by Miami County entities to reduce future risk to life and property from natural and man-made hazards.


The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) has many different components. They are below:

2019 Resolution and Promulgation Statement (PDF)

EOP Basic Plan (PDF)

EOP Direction and Control (PDF)

Transportation - ESF 1 (PDF)

Communications - ESF 2 (ESF - Emergency Support Function) (PDF)

Engineering and Public Works - ESF 3 (PDF)

2023 update ESF 3 Debris Management Plan

Fire and EMS - ESF 4 (PDF)

Information and Planning - ESF 5 (PDF)

Shelter and Mass Care - ESF 6 (PDF)

Resource Management - ESF 7 (PDF)

Health and Medical - ESF 8 (PDF)

Search and Rescue - ESF 9 (PDF)

2021 update ESF 10 Hazmat Response

Agricultural - ESF 11 (PDF)

Utilities/Energy - ESF 12 (PDF)

Law Enforcement - ESF 13 (PDF)

Damage Assessment - ESF 14 (PDF)

Public Info and Warning - ESF 15 (PDF)

Radiological Protection - ESF 16 (PDF)

Evacuation - ESF 17 (PDF)

Terrorism Response - ESF 18 (PDF)

Ohio Mass Fatality Response - ESF 19 (PDF)

Functional Needs - ESF 20 (PDF)

Last update 7/23