Pharmaceutical Drug Disposal Program

Image of Prescription Drug Dropbox

The Miami County Sheriff's Office has a prescription drug drop-off box located in the lobby of the Sheriff's Office, 201 W. Main St., Troy. The box was received from the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI) which is a non-profit organization that facilitates cooperation between law enforcement, healthcare professionals, state regulatory agencies and pharmaceutical manufacturers in the prevention and investigation of prescription drug diversion. The box was received free of charge through a grant.

The Miami County Sheriff's Office also received a second drug drop-off box courtesy of a grant the Sheriff's Office was awarded by CVS Pharmacy. The box was funded in its entirety by CVS Pharmacy. The second box was located in the lobby of the Miami County Incarceration Facility, 2042 N. County Road 25A, Troy. This location is closer for those residents residing in Piqua and northern Miami County and has ample free parking.

The drug drop boxes will allow anyone to drop off unused/expired prescription drugs at the Sheriff's Office and Incarceration Facility during normal business hours during the weekdays.

There is no paperwork to complete and no one you need to speak with, simply drop your old or unused prescription pills in the box. The pills are destroyed in a manner that does not cause environmental harm by getting into our rivers, streams, and water table. By ridding one's household of used or unwanted medications it also reduces the likelihood of young people having access to abuse them. We will also continue to partner with the Miami County Sanitary Engineer's Office hosting at least two drug drop-off dates per year, usually in the spring and fall. The next date being Saturday, April 28, 2018 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Any items dropped off should be in pill or patch form only, no liquids or needles will be accepted. We would also request that all pills be placed in a clear plastic baggie and empty pill bottles discarded.