Review and Adjustment of Child Support Orders

A child support order can be reviewed every 36 months. The order can be reviewed sooner than 36 months if certain conditions are met. These conditions are usually related to changes in your financial situation that are beyond your control.

Either parent can ask for a review of their child support order. Requesting a review may cause the monthly obligation to increase, decrease or remain unchanged. The review could result in a change in the person responsible for providing health insurance coverage for the child.

Common reasons qualifying for a review:

  • Unemployed or laid off (through no fault of your own) for at least 30 consecutive days
  • 30 percent decrease in gross income for a period of six months because of circumstances beyond your control

If the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) determines you are eligible for a review, you will receive an Administrative Adjustment Review Notification, which must be fully completed and returned to CSEA on or before the scheduled date of the review.

How to request a Review

A request for Administrative Review of the Child Support Order must be completed for the CSEA to consider your request. Please complete a request to review your child support order. Please know CSEA has authority to set income for you even if you are currently unemployed. Also know that your request for review is likely to be denied if you do not provide documentation showing that you are eligible for a review prior to 36 months.