Termination of the Support Order

The Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) is authorized to terminate a child support order in specific circumstances.

These circumstances include:

  • Child reaches the age of 18 and no longer attends an accredited high school
  • Child reaches the age of 19
  • Marriage of the child
  • Adoption of the child
  • Death of the child or death of the person ordered to pay child support
  • Child’s enlistment in the armed service (and no longer attends school)
  • A change in legal custody of the child
  • Marriage or re-marriage of the parties and no other person has legal custody of the child

The CSEA cannot assist with terminating a child support order if only physical custody of the child has changed. Legal custody of the child (meaning a court order changing custody of the child) must exist before the CSEA can assist in terminating the child support order.


In Ohio, children emancipate when they reach 18 and graduate from high school or on their 19th birthday if they continue to attend high school on a full-time basis. Early emancipation can happen based on certain actions of the child, such as if the child gets married or joins the armed services.

It is important to contact the CSEA prior to your 18 year old’s emancipation to ensure proper continuation or termination of your child support order.

Documents that may be required by the courts or the CSEA for emancipation include:

  • Copy of diploma, if child is 18
  • Letter from school stating child has graduated or withdrawn, if age 18
  • Marriage Certificate for the child if married