Local Rule 9


In addition to the Local Rules of Miami County Common Pleas Court, General Division, which are adopted to assist in the case flow management of the civil, criminal and domestic relations divisions, each Judge shall implement the following procedures designed to track case development and establish credible trial dates for all civil cases:

(A) Upon filing, each Civil and Domestic Relations case shall be assigned to a Judge by random computer selection. Upon filing, criminal cases shall be assigned by a random selection made by blind manual lot of a pool of tokens. At the beginning of the draw each Judge shall be represented in the pool by an equal number of tokens. Upon the filing of a case a token shall be removed from the pool and the case assigned to the Judge represented by the token for that case. When a token is removed by lot it shall not be replaced in the pool until all of the tokens which were present at the beginning of the draw have been expended. The total number of tokens in the pool at the beginning of the draw shall not exceed three hundred.

(B) Upon assignment to a Judge, a separate file shall be opened containing a complete copy of all filings in the case. This file shall be available to the Judge within twenty-four (24) hours of filing.

(C) Each Judge shall adopt a procedure for indexing and identifying new cases in compliance with the Rules of Superintendence.

(D) Each Judge shall adopt a procedure for the timely review of each new case upon completion of pleadings or as otherwise may be directed, for the purpose of determining the time necessary to complete discovery and the time needed for trial.

(E) Each Judge shall adopt a procedure(s) for establishing the regulation of discovery, summary judgment and pretrial conferences and/or pretrial motions.

(F) Each Judge shall endeavor to comply with the Rules of Superintendence in the setting of cases for trial.

(G) Nothing herein shall be construed as limiting each Judge from establishing additional rules, techniques or procedures to assist in the timely disposition of cases.