Local Rule 15



All transcripts shall be requested in writing. The court reporter shall have full authority to require a deposit in such amount as they deem necessary to cover the costs of preparation, unless otherwise ordered by the Court.


The Sheriff shall not be required to serve any subpoena, unless the praecipe for same is filed with the Clerk at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the time designated for the appearance of the witness at the hearing or trial.

The Clerk of Courts shall not be required to issue subpoenas unless the party so requesting the issuance of a subpoena shall have deposited sufficient funds with the Clerk to pay witness fees as required by Section 2335.06 R.C.


In partition cases where land is sold, counsel fees shall be allowed by Court and taxed as part of the costs, but all such fees shall be allowed only upon application to the Court, supported by affidavits, and based upon hourly rates and other factors presented to the Court. Counsel for any defendant appearing in said partition case may be allowed counsel fees which shall be taxed as part of the costs. In such instances all such partition fees on behalf of the attorney for the defendant shall be upon application, affidavit and upon an hourly basis and upon proper showing that such services were necessary and beneficial in the administration of the estate.

15.04 FILES

The Clerk of Courts shall not permit any of the files of that office to be taken from the Clerk's custody except with written approval by the Court. This rule shall not prevent the files of the Clerk of Courts being removed from the county by a Visiting Judge. In no event shall files be removed for a period longer than five (5) days.

The Clerk shall upon request of any person, furnish copies of public records as defined by law which have been filed with the Clerk. Upon receipt of advance payment at a reasonable rate as determined by the Clerk or otherwise established by law.

The Clerk may exercise discretion to permit any party to the action or their attorney or agent to make copies of any papers in the files of the court at the office of the Clerk at the expense of the party requesting same in accordance with the foregoing rule and may impose any rules, restrictions, or security measures to protect or safeguard the files.