Local Rule 11



Court appointed counsel representing indigent defendants in criminal proceedings shall, upon making application for compensation, itemize hours spent and clearly designate which was "in court" and which was "out of court" time. All applications for compensation must be presented to the original Judge no later than 30 days from the filing date of the final entry.

Court appointed counsel for all felonies shall be appointed by the arraigning Judge of the General Division of the Court of Common Pleas. The defendant shall, through appointed counsel, after approval of the Court, file with the Clerk, all forms required by law, or rule or regulation of the State Public Defender Commission necessary to effectuate all reimbursement to the county of all attorney fees and costs paid to the attorney for which the county may be eligible, including but not limited to an Affidavit of Indigency, as required by ORC 120.33. Appointed counsel are expected to make an independent determination of the indigency of the defendant and so advise the Court at any time, in the opinion of counsel or otherwise, the defendant is not indigent and not eligible to receive court appointed counsel.