Public Record Policy


Miami County has a Public Records Policy adopted pursuant to Ohio Revised Code §149.43.

Records and Public Records are defined respectively in O.R.C. §149.43 (G) and §149.43 (A) (1).

Public Records are available Monday through Friday, during regular office hours, excluding holidays. For assistance in reviewing public records and/or obtaining copies of public records, please contact:

Miami County Public Transit


Public records will be promptly prepared and made available in a reasonable period of time. 

If a public record request requires research and/or review, you will receive a written response and/or the records within a reasonable period of time. 

Fee schedule:

For photocopies of either letter or legal size documents, the fees shall be the actual cost per photocopy which has been calculated at five cents ($.05) per page calculated from the first photocopy. Advance payment is required before any copies are prepared. Two-sided photocopies shall be charged at the actual cost per item which has been calculated at ten cents ($.10) per item;

For video tapes, audio tapes, cassette tapes or for any other type of media, the fee shall be the replacement or the actual cost of reproducing or copying the same. Reproduction costs may be charged only if a commercial or professional service is contracted to provide the copy.